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Anti-stress product for dogs based on natural ingredients. ADAPTIL Chew are soft, tasty chews to help dogs quickly relax in temporary stress situations (e.g. loud noises: fireworks, thunderstorms, visitors, transport or vet visits, groomer, dog shows, etc.). Easy to administer. Do not work addictively and are not narcotic.

Ideal for short-term anticipated events like thunderstorms, fireworks, vet visits, travelling and visitors
Delicious tasty soft chew: dogs love it like a treat, and will eat it directly from a hand
Composed of calming ingredients
Non addictive, no drowsiness
Can be used daily or as needed, in addition to your dog's daily food
How many ADAPTIL Chews should I give it to my dog?

Dog up to 15 kg: ½ chew daily
Dog between 16-30 kg: 1 chew daily
Dog over 30 kg: 2 chews daily
ADAPTIL Chew is a non-veterinary medicine. If your dog is currently exhibiting signs of illness or is currently taking prescription medicines on a regular basis, please consult your veterinary surgeon before using the product.