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Natural Trainer Dog Adult Mini Sensitive Duck
The Natural Trainer Dog Adult Mini Sensitive Duck 2 kg is a high-quality complete dry food for small adult dogs with fresh duck, pineapple, Yucca and Spirulina for a healthy dog ​​with good digestion and a reduced stool odor.
Nature meets science! That is the motto of the high-quality food from Natural Trainer. Natural Trainer's nutrition uses the natural power of proteins, vegetables, fruits and plants based on scientific research. This tasty food is therefore prepared with fresh duck, Yucca Schidigera, pineapple and spirulina, for a vital dog with good intestinal function. The food is based on one animal protein source and is therefore particularly suitable for sensitive dogs. The spirulina, proteins, minerals and vitamins ensure a healthy, active dog, with good digestion due to the addition of pineapple extract and probiotics. In addition, Yucca schidigera has been added to the food, which helps to reduce the odor of the stool. With delicious fruit for an irresistible taste and the necessary antioxidants!

 High-quality food for adult dogs
 With the power of natural ingredients based on scientific research
 Based on one animal protein source (duck)
 Yucca schidigera helps reduce stool odor
 Pineapple extract and prebiotics ensure good digestion

Composition: dehydrated duck proteins 12%, whole maize 11.5%, maize flour "fioretto", maize protein, peas, rice groats, rice, duck 6%, fat of animal origin, brown rice 4%, linseed *, aroma without animal protein, minerals , corn oil, dried chicory root extract (source of inulin) * 0.7%, lignocellulose, dried pineapple stem extract * 0.1%, dried yucca schidigera extract * 0.025%, spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) * 0.02%, * Specific Natural Origin Ingredients

Analytical components: crude protein 25%, crude fat 15%, crude fiber 2.5%, crude ash 7%