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During the molting process, it is more likely that your cat swallows loose hair during grooming. Almo Nature Holistic Anti Hairball has been specially developed to prevent the formation of hairballs.

For this reason, the wet food contains vegetable fibres. In addition, thanks to its preparation with fiber and inulin, a natural prebiotic, it can help promote healthy digestion, support intestinal flora and make weight management easier. The cat food with beef or chicken is enriched with vitamins and minerals and is suitable as a complete food for the daily diet. It contains no coloring and preservatives.

Almo Nature Holistic Anti Hairball 70 g at a glance:
Balanced wet food for adult cats
Suitable as a complete food for the daily diet, ideal for house cats during moulting
Vegetable fibres: can prevent the formation of hairballs
Fiber + inulin: can promote digestion and healthy intestinal flora, as well as support weight control
With a lot of meat: for species-specific nutrition, high animal protein content
Enriched with vitamins and minerals: for a complete supply of vital substances
Balanced and complete: easily digestible, rich in nutrients and adapted to the nutritional needs of cats
Very good taste: is rarely rejected by many cats
Vapor cooking: careful production
Without dyes and artificial preservatives


Meat and animal by-products (beef 4%), grain, vegetable by-products (inulin 0.1%), vegetable protein extracts, minerals.