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The first year in your kitten's life is very important. You naturally want to choose a perfectly balanced diet so that your kitten grows up healthy. Growth is an important period in which the balance and health of your future adult cat are determined. Almo Nature offers a healthy and balanced meal that is vital during the first phase of your kitten's life!

Promotes growth and development
This wet food from Almo Nature has been specially developed for kittens and therefore contains an adapted content of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Your kitten's growth is an essential phase in its life and therefore needs the right nutrients to support healthy growth and development. In addition, Almo Nature wet food promotes digestion and supports your kitten's natural resistance.

Made in Italy Complete
A range of exclusive recipes enriched with vitamins and minerals to ensure that every meal meets the kitten's nutritional needs.

That is why the recipes are nutritionally balanced and vegetables are added whose taste and aroma have remained true to the tradition of Italian cuisine.

100% natural and fresh meat
Cats are naturally carnivores, so it is important that kittens also eat fresh meat for optimal development. This wet food for kittens contains 50% fresh chicken that is originally suitable for human consumption. The same quality ingredients are used as those added to human food. The fresh chicken is preserved in its own cooking liquid so that the taste is preserved as best as possible.

Combination of dry and wet food
Variety is extremely important for a balanced diet for your growing cat. It is therefore recommended to alternate wet food with dry kibble. For an optimal nutritional balance, Almo Nature recommends feeding the cat 60% wet food and 40% dry food daily for a 100% nutritional balance. Almo Nature has also developed a special dry food for kittens.

Complementary wet food for growing cats, pregnant or lactating cats
100% natural wet food specially developed for kittens
Rich in building materials that a kitten needs
Promotes healthy growth
Without artificial additives and free of preservatives

Composition: Salmon 35%, Tuna 30%, carrots, zucchini, minerals.