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FRONTLINE Combo® for the cat.
Is a combination product that, in addition to fipronil, the active ingredient of the regular FRONTLINE®, also contains (S)-methoprene. FRONTLINE Combo® therefore offers very complete protection for your animal: it not only combats adult fleas and ticks, but thanks to (S)-methoprene it is also effective against flea eggs and larvae. This prevents new fleas from developing and reduces the contamination in your animal's living environment.

Dosage cat:
One pipette of 0.5 ml per cat, corresponding to the minimum recommended dose of 5 mg fipronil per kg and 6 mg (S)-methoprene per kg, for topical application to the skin. In the absence of safety studies, the minimum treatment interval is 4 weeks.

Dosage ferret:
One pipette of 0.5 ml per ferret, corresponding to a dose of 50 mg fipronil and 60 mg (S)-methoprene per ferret, for local application to the skin. The minimum treatment interval is 4 weeks.

The power of FRONTLINE Combo®
 Quick and easy to apply.
 Kills fleas, ticks and biting lice on the cat.
 Kills flea eggs and larvae in the immediate vicinity of the treated animal.
 Kills ticks so that they no longer pose a threat to your animal and the environment.
 Provides several weeks of protection with one treatment.

Contents: 3 pipettes of 0.5 ml.
Also suitable for the ferret.
Before use read the package insert