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Psyllium is considered one of the best sources of fiber. Fibers support the intestinal passage. Psyllium softens the intestinal contents when it is given with water or extra wet food. This can reduce or worsen irritations to the anus. Do you give it directly or over the regular diet in case of too thin stools? Then it helps to thicken the stool.

In addition to loose and stuck stools, Psyllium can also help relieve related intestinal irritations. Scientific studies show that hairball formation in the stomach of the cat (possibly also in the dog) can be excreted naturally through the use of Psyllium. Addition of Psyllium promotes good intestinal function.

In brief
Suitable for dogs, cats and horses
To support intestinal movement
In case of too thick and too thin stools
Eat with sand
Only the husks of the psyllium seed
How do you use Pure Psyllium?
Do you give it with loose stools? Then give this product over the food or with a plastic syringe directly into the mouth diluted with a little water.
Do you give it with too hard stools? Then give it with some extra water or with extra wet food.

Animal Number of times Number of scoops
Dog > 25 kg 1-2 times daily 1.5 scoops of 2 grams
Dog 10-25 kg 1-2 times daily 1 scoop of 2 grams
Dog <10 kg/ Cat 1-2 times daily 0.5 scoop of 2 grams
Pony 2 scoops of 10 grams once a day
Horse 3 scoops of 10 grams once a day
NB! The measuring scoop in the 150 gram package has a content of 2 grams, while the measuring scoop in the 350 gram package has a content of 10 grams. We therefore recommend choosing the small packaging for dogs and cats and the large packaging for ponies and horses. Have you ever bought a small package before? Then it is no problem to purchase a large package. Simply save the right scoop!

100% Psyllium Husk (blonde). Puur Psyllium only contains the active ingredient, namely the membrane of the psyllium seed and not the whole seed. The composition of dog/cat and horse is the same, only the content of the package is larger because the daily dose for a horse is considerably higher. With regular use, you can therefore also choose to use the larger packaging (350 gr.) for your dog or cat.